Applied Property Finance Analyst (APFA)

APDI® have been operating with the industry now for years from State Government departments to small private companies and in that time have found that one of the most sought after knowledge repositories has been related to numbers and numerical analysis. Given the reponse we have had to this learning sector we are developing a private designation purely for the project finance sector. This designation will be in the medium to advanced space and suit those looking for a deeper understanding of how development finance provides responses to a large body of the, hard to analyse and understand, questions.

Please send your details and desire to become an APFAthrough our ‘Enquire’ Menu option and include contact details as required, with your additional relevant information. We will are consistently striving to bring the most up to date theory and practice to the practitioners from all part sof the world. We will always do our very best to identify the trends and essential work based case studies and experience for our students, so please feel free to contact us and ask in as much detail as possible about the objectives of the desifnation. Through this format, we hope to provide value and valuable outcomes to both our study partners and the industry which we educate and support.


Course Modules


Mod 1 – Project Finance and Context
Mod 2 – Residential Subdivision Finance
Mod 3 – Multi-family Residential Finance
Mod 4 – Commercial Property Finance
Mod 5 – Alternative Property Sectors and Finance
Mod 6 – Infrastructure Finance
Mod 7 – The Valuation Process and Application
Mod 8 – Project Finance and Capital Structure
Mod 9 – Property Finance and the Law  
Mod 10 – Managed Investment Schemes and Funds Management
Mod 11 – Micro and Macro Economics in Development Analysis
Mod 12 – Managing a Project’s Financial Delivery