Site Acquisition and Structures

APDI Program Unit – Site Acquisition and Structures

Site Acquisition and Structures introduces students to the early stages of the property development process including the identification, investigation and acquisition of land, with a particular focus on the relevant legal structures and parameters.

Students will develop knowledge of the legal frameworks within which property developers operate in Australia, and will acquire a working knowledge of how these concepts shape the process of site acquisition.

The subject focuses on the concept of the acquisition process, uncovering the strategic and legal reasoning behind the decisions of successful property developers in the context of formal and informal tenders, bids and contracts.

The subject will then introduce the processes of negotiation associated with these mechanisms, and will give students the opportunity to explore and practise negotiation skills within the legalistic framework of site acquisition.

Program Units


PC1.1 Setting for Success

Defining acquisition of property and understanding acquisition with regard to hardware and software.

PC1.2 Context and Objectives

Understanding the importance of identifying developer objectives including alignment of objectives with important participants in the site acquisition process.

PC1.3 The Development Feasibility

Explore the role of the feasibility in site acquisition with reference to links between objectives and performance metrics and the difference between feasibility and valuation.

PC1.4 Market Research 

Defining the role of market research, performing fundamental analysis and the various sources of data.

PC1.5 Highest and Best Use

Understand the concepts of highest and best use and most probable within the context of market and value.

PC1.6 Market Transactions and Bids

Outline bid considerations for procuring development sites and understand the difference between on-market and off-market transactions.

PC1.7 Site Opportunity Analysis

Identify and assess a development site opportunity using key principles and processes.

PC1.8 Negotiation Techniques

Apply key negotiation techniques and alignment of interests with regard to the tangible and non-tangible benefits of entering into a land development transaction.

PC1.9 Legal Structures

A review of the legal structures used to facilitate site acquisition including, companies, trusts, and development agreements.

PC1.10 Transaction Structures

Outline the interaction of the key relationships in the development transaction, including explanations of the obligations and responsibilities important to each of the key participants.

PC1.11 Acquisition Timing and Cost

The real impact of time and cost on the acquisition process, within the context of the overall development life cycle.

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