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The APDI is unique, it is Australia’s first provider of property development courses specific to Applied Property Development. The APDI has remained committed to bridging the gap between academic theory and industry best practice, providing professional development courses to experienced and skilled employees.

Our Program Units are highly relevant to current industry practice, consolidating an understanding of the key topics such as:

  • Site Acquisition and Structures;
  • Property Market Dynamics;
  • Project Investment Analysis; and
  • Development Management
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Site Acquisition and Structures
Property Market Dynamics
Project Investment Analysis
Development Management


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Important Dates


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Pathways to Membership

Discover the different pathways to membership offered by the APDI program, including the flexibility to study course units independently of each other.

e APDI is exactly what the property development industry has needed for many years - a genuine benchmark for industry knowledge.  As well as sending current managers, employers will take comfort in the advanced skills their staff will obtain from senior industry practitioners.

Richard Coffey

Places Victoria



The most impressive aspect is the course content which, despite having a 30 year industry knowledge of all aspects, I have found highly engaging and educational – exactly the reasons I signed up!  I feel far more equipped to venture more deeply into the world of property development.



Bruce Corrin

Partner, KPMG SGA

At the APDI, the teachings are all about the practical case-based examples and the questions, not the answers. The APDI teaches you how to ask the right questions.

Matt O'Halloran

Executive Director, Grollo Group

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