Project Investment Analysis

APDI Program Unit – Project Investment Analysis

Project Investment Analysis introduces students to the essential practical applications for the financing of a development project.

This subject covers the key project investment analysis concepts used in finance, the evaluation of investments including risk and theories for risk reduction through diversification of portfolios.

Students will develop advanced analytical skills and financing techniques, whilst also engaging with realistic challenges faced by property developers today.

Reference will be made to alternative investment structures and their key considerations for the property developer.


Introduction to Development Feasibility

An introduction to the role of the financial feasibility study and how various stakeholders use it as a tool for assessing the viability of different financial objectives.

Designing a Feasibility Study

A guide to understanding the importance of identifying key components within the feasibility model, both assumptions and performance indicators, including how different stakeholders assess the viability of the feasibility study.

Essential Finance Theory

Review of key finance theory as required to successfully analyse feasibility models and understand the drivers behind performance metrics including NPV, IRR, Development Margin , EIRR, ROI, etc.

Fundamental Feasibility Analysis 

Taking the fundamentals of finance theory and applying them to the dissemination of a financial feasibility, including understanding the impact of timing of cash flow on the Discount Cash Flow (DCF) and Net Present Value (NPV) outcomes.

Altus Estate Master

An introduction to the proprietary software offered by Argus Estate Master through the Development Feasibility (DF) program. Includes student access to the EMDF program for the duration of the unit.

Valuation and Feasibility

The difference between Valuation and Feasibility is explored with particular focus on the key valuation principles in property development and the nuances of instructing commercial valuations.

Project Capital Structure

A discussion around the use of Equity, Debt and Mezzanine finance and the impact of these variables on the Performance of the project.

Finance Procurement

How financiers evaluate Credit Applications and and the Key Metrics which impact approval.

Finance Security and Documentation 

A review and investigation of the impact of Security and Documentation in the procurement of development finance .

Legal Risk and Project Finance  

How relevant Legal Principles apply to property development and in particular project finance.

Alternative Project Finance Structures 

An overview of property Portfolios and Diversification, Infrastructure models and Indirect property investment.

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