APDI - Pathways to Accreditation

Pathways to Accreditation 

At the APDI, we recognise the importance of flexible study options to compliment your work and study commitments.


Whether you choose to complete the four Units or focus on a single Unit, you can enjoy the ultimate choice and flexibility to suit your needs.

There are three levels of APDI Accreditation, including:

  1. Applied Property Development Analyst Accreditation (APDA™) – achieved a pass in all four APDI® Professional Certificate Units 
  2. Applied Project Finance Analyst Accreditation (APFA™) – achieved a pass in all APDI® Project Finance Units
  3. Fellow of The Institute (FAPDI™) – Awarded to those for recognition of a significant contribution to the property development industry and for the advocacy of education


The diagram below outlines the APDI pathways to a Accreditation 

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