Property Market Dynamics

APDI Program Unit – Property Market Dynamics

Property Market Dynamics focuses on the analysis of the property market including the nature, structure and forces at play within the market. Students will develop an understanding of how market dynamics interact to determine value and the effects of market structure and government intervention on the health of the property market as a whole.

Property Market Dynamics examines both Australian and international market trends and uses this to develop insights into the future of the property market. Students will be able to identify the drivers of market demand and define the market driven attributes required for new product.

Students are also exposed to regression, hypothesis testing and spatial mapping techniques in order to collect, analyse and present market data. This subject provides a foundation for students to grasp moderately advanced economic and analytical concepts and to operate as successful property developers within a complex and dynamic market.

Program Units


PC2.1 Introduction to the Property Market

A broad overview of the property market and sub-markets and a definition of market dynamics.

PC2.2 Property Market Cycle

The rise, fall and stability of prices and the factors at play.

PC2.3 Demand, Supply and Elasticity

How the forces of demand and supply interact to determine rent and prices and an analysis of the elasticity of


PC2.4 Market Participants

Industry concentration, public choice, special interest groups and market failure.

PC2.5 Market Structure

The consequences for property market of transport, technology and demographic changes.

PC2.6 The Role of the Government

The effect of government intervention on the health of the property market.

PC2.7 Australian Property Trends

The analysis of historic and current market trends in Australia.

PC2.8 Global Property Trends

The analysis of historic and current market trends across the globe.

PC2.9 Analysis Techniques

Regression modelling, Hypothesis testing and Omitted Variable Bias.

PC2.10 Property Securitisation

Principles of facilitating co-investment into property assets via the issuance of securities.

PC2.11 Spatial Mapping

Presenting demographic information and predicting market trends.

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